Apollo Septem ecosystem



  • Art is considered by many to successfully fulfill the function of store of value. In this context, with investors sometimes outnumbering the plain art consumers, the art industry is not in fact governed by the artists themselves.
  • Apollo Septem's goal is to set the foundation and to empower the evolution of an ecosystem that will put the artists' community in the driver's seat.
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Decentralized network that will be enabled by:

Decentralized network that will be enabled by:

  • The APO token
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Technology stack leveraging on innovative blockchain solutions
  • Voting rights for the participants (Community members and token owners)
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Proof of authenticity algorithm stored on the blockchain

Proof of authenticity algorithm stored on the blockchain

  • New algorithm for the verification of authenticity of the artwork
  • Cryptographic hash code, part of the smart contract, certifying uniqueness for each different art piece on the blockchain
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Fast Art Financing

Fast Art Financing

  • New concept that will enable a smart system of financing art and artists.
  • Applicable, but not limited to:
    • Financing of art schools' projects
    • Private or public requests for financing
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Apollo Septem is an all-in-one platform that will revolutionize the art industry through democracy and technological innovation

Apollo Septem - All in one

Total amount of tokens: 300,000,000


token standard


token symbol

1 ETH = 4,200 APO

token price

30,000 ETH


3,000 ETH


30 days with 40% bonus


10 days with 15% bonus

ICO wave 1

10 days with 10% bonus

ICO wave 2

10 days with 5% bonus

ICO wave 3

180 days

ICO wave 4

Token distribution

Token distribution
Presale & ICO :: 180,000,000Presale & ICO :: 180,000,000
Ecosystem Fuel :: 60,000,000Ecosystem Fuel :: 60,000,000
Team & Advisors :: 45,000,000Team & Advisors :: 45,000,000
Donations :: 13,500,000Donations :: 13,500,000
Bounty & Giveaway :: 1,500,000Bounty & Giveaway :: 1,500,000

Use of funds

Use of funds
Development and EngineeringDevelopment and Engineering
Legal, Compliance and Risk ManagementLegal, Compliance and Risk Management
Marketing and PRMarketing and PR

"Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse." — Winston Churchill


Daniel Olariu

Program Manager
Cofounder. More than 10 years of experience in leading projects and managing people. Wide blockchain knowledge, passionate about exploring new business applications and real-world use cases running on such promising technology.

Ioan Lazăr, M.Sc.

Full Stack Developer
Cofounder. More than 5 years of experience in infrastructure and system administration. Throughout the last 4 years, passionate about investigating further working applicability of programming languages, also blockchain developer.

Daniel Vișoiu, M.Sc.

Full Stack Developer
Cofounder. More than 10 year of experience in information technology. Along the years utilized a wide range of technologies and programming languages, with applicability on various distributed systems. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bogdan Enache

Fine Artist & Graphic Designer
Cofounder. Over 20 years of experience in illustration, graphic design and visual communication. Supporter of art and tech integration.

Alexandru Sandu

Risk Management
Cofounder. More than 10 years of international experience in corporate and information technology governance. Working knowledge and exposure in planning and execution of transformation programs. Experience in managing multi-tenant enterprise systems.

Simona Caraiman, Ph.D

Authenticity Engine Architect
More than 10 years research experience in fields like Digital image processing, Computer Vision, Visualization, Machine Learning, High performance computing (including Quantum Computing). Participated in several international programs.

Cristian Amarandei, Ph.D

Infrastructure Architect
More than 15 years research experience in fields like Systems and Technologies for Parallel and Distributed Computing, Grid Architectures, Parallel Algorithms, Computer Networks, Operating Systems.

Rareș Tohănean

Senior Developer & Technical Lead
More than 20 years of experience in software development, technical analysis, project and resources coordination.

Gabriel Mondino

Blockchain Engineer
More than 15 years of experience as software developer and technical architect. Working knowledge and exposure to blockchain technologies during participation in R3 consortium.

Radu Enache

Marketing Specialist
More than 10 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising and PR. Running his own business with customers spanning a wide range of fields.

Alexandru Cristea

Business Development & Marketing
Cofounder. Urban photographer. More than 10 years of international experience in corporate sales and governance. Lean Six Sigma professional.

Valentin Leru

Legal Advisor
Lawyer with extended competencies in International Law.

Octavian Horvat

Back-end Developer
More than 15 years of experience as software developer, with participations in various international programs. Strong engineering professional, covering a wide range of technologies.

Victor Poancă

UI/UX Developer and Web Analyst
More than 8 years of experience in UI/UX development and many collaborations with local companies.

The main functionalities in the release of the Apollo Septem MVP are
  • Apollo Septem Wallet
  • Apollo Septem Account
  • Online Art Market - Alpha

Junior Release::
  • Online Art Market user go-live (Buy – Sell – Barter)
  • Apollo Septem Authenticity Verification component
  • Fast Art Financing component

Consolidation Release:
  • Apollo Septem Artwork Shares Creation Algorithm

Senior Release:
  • Apollo Septem Online Galleries
  • Major milestone: Apollo Septem Ecosystem fully deployed

Approaching new challenges:
  • Further evolution of Apollo Septem Ecosystem, based on community consensus



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